Can anyone help?

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All I can say would be to hit up the big online stores like or Music123.
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I don't claim any knowledge in this area, but is there a place you can just go and try out both of them?
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Re: Can anyone help?

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CJVercetti wrote:I'm looking at sequencers and drum machines. I really like the QY100, but it's friggin' $500! Apparently Yamaha also makes a drum machine called the RY9, which looks cheaper than the QY100 -- but of course I cannot find it any where! I'm also looking at the Yamaha MM6 Synthesizer. However, this is also very expensive...

Does anyone know a cheaper alternative to these? And if you're wondering why I like Yamaha so much, it's because I trust them. I grew up playing on a Yamaha PortaSound (which I still have, and play).

Out of purest curiousity - what do you need them for?? I bet that synthesizer costs a fortune.

Also Yamaha is awesome, they make some excellent pianos.